Polyvagal Theory News

Polyvagal Theory is exciting news as scientists learn more and more about the way the body works. Stephen Porges is a cutting edge scientist who has shed light on a an important part of the nervous system. It is something we haven’t heard much about in the past.

Years ago, the only technology available took pictures.  Researchers had to assume that whatpolyvagal nervous system discoveries they were seeing tied into what they already understood about the brain, body and nervous system.  But with the advancement of technology, they are now able to watch movies. That allows them to see interaction between different systems of the body.

That has led to tremendous break-throughs and also to the shattering of many inaccurate assumptions.

Scientists are now able to make better observations inside of the body for mental and physical health. They are discovering some pretty astounding facts. One of them is the role the polyvagal nerve plays in so many functions of the body.

Dr Stephen Porges has done ground-breaking work in this area.  Stephen Porges PhD, is Director of the Brain-Body Center at the University of Illinois at Chicago.  He has an understanding of the vagal nerve that few scientists have.  That’s because the theory was designed and developed by him. We are just now starting to hear more about it.  Part of that is due to the fact that he is being interviewed more frequently.

The work of Dr Porges on Polyvagal Theory has the potential to make a big difference. It may heal much of the heartbreak families must endure when there is a mental health issue that has not been resolved.

The high level overview of the theory says that the nervous system has changed over time with evolution.  And the very word polyvagal means that there are many pathways to different areas of the brain.

We are learning that there is much more to it than looking at the fight or flight response. With more attention going to the vegus nerve, psychology may find ways to better help those who suffer.  It might impact PTSD and other emotional conditions that have come from trauma encountered at earlier points in their development or life.



Polyvagal Theory News is a topic that deserves attention and consideration in the continuing effort by health care professionals to make a difference.